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As Ruth said, it's not mandatory that the pilot should fly the STAR completely. When it compromise safety and will expedite the traffic flow, I will do so. Although there are other reasons as for why "the controller puts you off the STAR" this includes spacing or as I've mentioned, to get you THERE quickly.


Ever experienced getting instructed to fly direct to a certain fix while en-route when you filed an airway? Why does this happens? Flying directly to a certain point will save time and distance, which we're all after for an expeditious flow of traffic. BUT... that doesn't you will have to listen all the time, your the PIC, if you think for some reasons you don't want to do that, notify the ATC, they won't bite.


Before leaving such comment, please take in mind that VATSIM is not an exclusive place for professionals, this organization is rather; inclusive. We cater to everyone regardless of profession and knowledge (and our founders expect nothing in return but for us to simply abide the rules and regulations), that's actually the main purpose of this, it's a learning environment. So don't expect the best from everyone, mind you that even real world controllers/pilots do commit mistakes sometimes... as there's no and there will never be a finish line in Learning.



Romano Lara
vACC Philippines, Manager - Training & Standards

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I feel I must challange this.


Why is it, ATC give rather late instructions to decend? Often I'm having to go down steep to get level.


I'm I'm in London control, I should be given decent before being handed over to a controller over Irish skies, I consider.


Any thoughts? I can't be alone on this, surely.



The LOA for Ireland states that Dublin arrivals to the south are descended to 240 level by BADSI or VATRY, and 240 level RAMOX for the UL70. Alot of pilots dont expect this and hence dont plan it so one thing leads to another.

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I have been online now for two years, my 1-11 has virtually worn out


Some things I have learnt and undertake:


In the UK, late or early descents outside the standard profile are very common due to the nature of airspace combining with traffic density - prepare to burn more fuel (early) or dirty up and increase ROD (late). A few years back a pilot I once knew ( ) was given the option to perform a straight-in approach direct the CF at a range of 28nm and FL180 due to a late descent clearance earlier on airways. No problem !


I recently had an ATC disconnect whilst on base leg for the approach (IFR). Using TCAS as a reference for spatial separation, I performed RDOF and headed towards the prescribed holding fix. At 2nm from the fix APP came back on and was delighted that I had used my initiative rather then be 12nm into the next sector below the CAS base.


Try and see most things as a challenge and be prepared for "anything", such is the nature of our virtual world referencing internet connections of varying speeds, cut-offs and the like



David James

VATSIM Screenshot Contest Coordinator

Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 2.4gig, RAM 3.25gig, ATI Radeon HD4800, XP Pro SP3, FS9.1 FSnav FSinn VRC


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