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Comm box for OBS?

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question. does the sweatbox server allow OBS's users to use the text comm box?


i know majority of folks mainly train by voice so it might have gone unchecked but i do voice and text to make sure theyre proficient in text too.


student was getting this error when trying to type in the comm box

enter either sector id or single-digit chat group index


tried everything possible. frequency primed, made sure both tx and rx were green.


not even typing the atc chat command "/" worked


is the server just not letting OBS's type? we resorted to using the chat box in the meantime

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I just logged into Sweatbox as an OBS and tried it out. You know what I think he's probably doing? When I pressed my controller select key (and I've never used this before!) either before or after typing a message, I received that above error message. By default I think it's the "\" key, right above "Enter." He needs to press "Enter" after typing text messages.


The controller select key requires the sector ID which is supplied by the clients in the comms panel, which is where I got the idea after reading the error message you supplied above.

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hmmm. thanks Harold. will have to check again during the next session. i specifically asked him atleast 10 times if hes pressing enter to send, that better not be it!


heres another question. hes from Thailand. could it be possible if his keyboard layout is different, would that cause vrc to think hes pressing another button? or doesnt matter?


EDIT: i just logged in as OBS to sweatbox and it let me type just fine. but minute i used the controller select key i got the error. thanks Harold!


on to the second question tho. that possible?


other thing im thinkin he selected the enter key as the controller select key

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