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Which to use?

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Welcome to VATSIM Ben.


Both programs have their strengths and weaknesses. Whilst you have a better flight model in X-Plane the scenery is arguably much better in MSFS. More addons exist for MSFS.


Ultimately the call is yours. In fact there is no reason why you would have to stick with one or the other - use both at different times to suit your needs.



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The reason you can see multiplayer aircraft isn't to do with the flight simulator itself, but with the connection software (FSinn or Squawkbox). This is the software which makes other people visible on the network through multiplayer. It doesn't matter what the other person is flying in their simulator either. If I was flying a Cessna 172 on my simulator, but selected the B744 as my aircraft on the flightplan, I'd show up to everyone on the network as a 747-400 (flying really slow).


If you are connected properly and have the multiplayer planes set up right, you will see the other aircraft as how they have filed their aircraft to be in their connection/flightplan information.


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