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OAK_CTR 5th September

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Just posting to say a m[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ive thank-you to Reece Hunter, controlling OAK_CTR at around 21:30z on the 5th. First time in a while I've flow across the Atlantic to the USA- and to be welcomed into SFO was excellent. Even better, after one little private message, Reece obliged my request and vectored me (VIR19) and UAL931 for parallel approaches into 28L and 28R.


I must say, it was an excellent end to the flight- the control was absolutely top-notch and even though it must have been quite a bit of work for him, he still managed to get us two in onto the two runways as well as dealing with everyone else flawlessly.


Many thanks for the control- and you deserve an ice cold beer for that!



Zafar Ballard



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