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ZJX Sector File Help

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We are having a meeting on Sept 19th @ 1800z at VATUSA TS with ARTCC sector file developers (FE's) and webmasters. There will be some sector file guys there who may be able to help. Cergely Csernak, Euroscope developer will be there as well.


Come on over, I am sure some of the guys there can give you a hand.

Robert Prescott



[email protected]

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What we are looking for in our sector file is not just the listing of the airfields, but the diagrams of them as well. We have about 15 fields already what we would like to get is all of the military airfields and most of the towered fields in ZJX placed in our sector file. If someone knows how to do this we would really appriciate any help you can give.

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