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TwrTrainer Winsock Error (10061)

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I've been using TwrTrainer fine, but since tonight when I open the gnd.air file, it spits out 20 winsock 10061 errors. I have tried everything; checked my CID and p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word, I deleted the antivirus software off my computer and it still doesn't work. Reinstalled TwrTrainer. Nothing works.


" The following winsock error occurred with index 0

(10061) Connection is forcefully rejected "


Maybe the sweatbox doesn't like me


Thanks for the help.



VATSIM Hit Squad Member

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As I usually do on Tuesdays, I clicked to connect to run our TWR Trainer to start our TWR Controller Trainning session and got the socket error described above...

I hope you can solve this problem.

Take Care

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Jose Olyntho

VATBRZ - ID 816398 - INS+


Since 2001 Trainning Pilots and Controllers at http://www.jo.eng.br/

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