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Mac user looking for setup assistance

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I would like to introduce VATSIM to my flight sim hobby. I heard the comments on the FS break podcast and I caught the bug. Since I'm just starting, I would like to sit at a gate or parking area to listen to some of the ATC conversations to get the feel for it. One suggestion that I have read is to enter a comment in squakbox to alert the controller that you are a newbie and that you are just listening/observing at this time. My problem is a two fold.


1- I can't find the comment field in the xsquakbox plugin.

2- Where can I get a list of the server's IP addresses to enter them into the plugin.

3- What about head/mic headset? Does it matter if it's a USB headset or the old style with the analog connections


Thanks in advance,



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You first have to connect to a server. I believe they are named: USA-W USA-S USA-SE. There are others, but I can't remember the names.

Once you're connected, you have to file a flightplan. In that form, you will find an area to enter remarks, etc.

As for headsets, I don't think it matters.

Sorry I can't answer the server question completely.



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Don't enter the server IP addresses unless entering the name doesn't work. Using the name means that if VATSIM changes the server address, your connection will still work.


So for example, for USA-W2, you'd enter it as usa-w2.vatsim.net


The current list of servers is:


EUROPE-C2: Europe Server Two:1:

EUROPE-CW: West Europe Server - sponsored by VACC-GERMANY:1:

EUROPE-CE: Republic:CenterEast Europe Server - sponsored by VACC-CZ:1:

OCEANIA:, Australia:Oceania Server - Provided by VATPAC:1:

USA-S3:, USA:South USA Three:1:

UK-2: Testing Server:1:

USA-W2: Francisco, USA:West USA 2:1:


The next version of XSquawkBox will automatically download the server list.

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