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Where do you get enroute charts? I have searched for the United Kingdom and for South Africa (my current areas of interest) and I have found 'dead' URLs but no charts. I can find 'standard routes' (as per South African Airways), but no charts.


I am a 'newbie' who has yet to log on for my first flight, but I am trying to be fully prepared. In my previous life I was used to having enroute airways charts for all sectors and would like to have the 'comfort' of my chart 'blanket'!


As always, a crate of virtual beer goes to the best reply!





Computer Spec:

Intel i9900K Super @ 3.60 GHz, nVidia RTX 2080i (11 GB DDR6 RAM onboard),

32 GB DDR4 RAM, 2TB HDD, 1TB SSD, 500 GB SSD, ASUSTek Z390-Plus Mobo


Scenery & Progs: Orbx Global & Vector & airports; UK2000 eXtreme

airports; PreparDv4.5; Aerosoft A32x Pro; vPilot; AS for P3Dv4;

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