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Does anyone know the voice callsign of AMSA cargo-airline?

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this ones like trying to find a UFO


did find this page



and these





designator is definitely MUQ. callsign nobody seems to publish im betting they used AMSA or Mundo, but no idea if thats right

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Agreed with Ernesto, looked high and wide over the internet and found quiet a few images on airliners and quiet a bit of information but all I can see is the ICAO "MUQ". Sorry I can't be of more help. Octavio Germosen, our FIR ATM is from the Dominican Republic, i'll see if he knows anything.

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AMSA (Aerolineas Mundo SA, or AMSA as it usually calls itself, was founded in 1986 out of "Air Mar Freight Systems". This airline began operations in the early 1980s with the two C-46's based in San Juan, PR. Once AMSA founded it moved its base to Santo Domingo and incorporated Constellations as well as two C-46's.



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