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VATSIM Brazil Full ATC Every Night

Luiz Filipe Alves 965857

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Luiz Filipe Alves 965857

I come here to inform you all that the VATSIM Brazil is undergoing a process of restructuring and the actions initiated immediately is Brazil Full Atc Every Night!


The primary purpose is to bring online from 21/22z the five centers that cover our airspace over the part of the Atlantic called SBAO_FSS.


Brazil has 191,480,630 inhabitants and an area of 8,514,876.599 square kilometers, equivalent to 47% of South American territory. Compared with other countries of the world, has the fifth most populous and fifth largest. Eighth largest economy in the world and largest Latin American economy, Brazil has today a strong international influence, whether regional or global. You are in 39th place among countries with better quality of life of the planet, as well as having between 15 and 20% of the world's biodiversity, an example of this wealth to the Amazon Rainforest, with 3.6 million square kilometers, the Atlantic , the Pantanal and the Cerrado.


Suggested airports:


Porto Alegre

Salgado Filho (SBPA) - Domestic and International Flights



Afonso Pena (SBCT) - Domestic and International Flights


São Paulo

Guarulhos (SBGR) - International and domestic flights. The most important airport in Latin America

Campinas / Viracopos (SBKP) - Domestic flights and international cargo

Congonhas (SBSP) - Domestic flights and operations constrained by size of the runway


Rio de Janeiro

Tom Jobim / Galleon (SBGL) - Domestic flights and international

Santos-Dumont (SBRJ) - Domestic flights with runway approximately 1,200 meters. Boeing 737-800SFP and Airbus 319.



Juscelino Kubitschek (SBBR) - Brazilian Capital, is situated in the middle of the country and is an excellent hub for flights across its total area. International and domestic flights.



Salvador (SBSV) - Domestic and International Flights

Porto Seguro (SBPS) - Beautiful beaches and coconut water. Domestic flights



Guararapes International (SBRF) - Destination closer to Europe. International and domestic flights.



Pinto Martins (SBFZ) - Another gateway from Europe. Domestic and International Flights



Val de Caes (SBBE) - The largest city located on the equator. Summer all year and known as the metropolis of the Amazon. Domestic and International Flights



Eduardo Gomes (SBBR) - Top economic center of northern Brazil. Seventh richest city in the country and has one of the most important industrial regions, the Zona Franca de Manaus. Flights, International and International cargo.


Many other places are great to fly around here.

Brazil wait for us!

Luiz Filipe Alves

Chief Executive Officer

Azul Brazilian Virtual Airlines


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