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Some suggestions for Hong Kong FIR

Jacky Yeung 939320

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Jacky Yeung 939320



First, I would like to say a Thank you to our Hong Kong FIR ATC for providing a professional service. However, starting from the September there are always without ATC on duties. I really understand that most of the ATC are busy in their studies, maybe some of them are F.5 or studying overseas. Study is more important, just keep on do it!


But I want to say that now the situation show us Hong Kong FIR is lack of ATC, is it nessary to have some arrangement such as make some adv on vatasia or other flight simulation forum to find more volunteers to be trained as an ATC ?


I think the main problem that Hong Kong FIR facing is most of the ATC are students and most of them may be F.5 / F7 ??? that they need to pay a lot of time in their studies. If Hong Kong FIR can find more volunteers who are studying at university or who are not a students, expanding the fields of ATC's occupation may resolve the "lacking" problem.


Director, Foreign Affairs Department

System Engineer, Technical Supporting Department

Instructor, Air Traffic Management and Training Department

Hong Kong Virtual Area Control Center - VATSIM

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Gary Law 842041

Dear Mate,


In my own opinion as a senior controller in VATSIM Hong Kong FIR,

it is only a matter of quality and quantity....


What is the thing we really need? Controllers always online or providing better services?

In fact....We want both...so we need more controllers who is willing to do and we need longer training period...

I have been here for 3 years as a controllers..and we have to train a controllers for everything

including procedures and technique...and the 2 most important...Communication and Cooperation...


So that we cant just train anyone up to Approach or Radar for 1 week or so...and put him into service..

It is surely impossible and inresponsible....he just cant make it because he lacks training...

And some controllers with their rating in their FIR/Division are welcome to join us...

But again...They have to familar with procedures and phaseology for Hong Kong....

So we cant train him in a short period before he can provide good service to pilots...


If any people who is willing to do the controllers in Hong Kong FIR...

no matter you havent got your CID, or you are a controller in other region...Please let us know..

And we will contact you in a short time...and start the training as soon as possible...

But we dont want to rush...As we need better service than more controllers...


I am also a virtual pilot...I used to fly in a place with a S3 rating controller controlling...

But when I request clearance...he dont know how to issue a clearance!


I really dont want this situation happens in Hong Kong...And it will surely ruin our reputations...

We need people...no matter he is a student or not...Everyone are welcome here....

But we still have to train him for quite a long time before he can have a high rating....


Our new chief in Hong Kong FIR is going back to Hong Kong from Canada this week...

So he will have some arrangement here....I will let you know when there is some arrangement...

Really thanks for your opinions...



Gary Law

Controller 3 in Hong Kong FIR,VATSIM



Gary Law

Hong Kong VACC Chief , VATSEA

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Kar-Lok Wong 839249

Also I joined VATSIM about three 3 years ago, I have my S3 rating for more then 3 years know.

The total hours logged as controller is not much, but as we said before logged hours said nothing.


Last Thursday (22SEP) I logged in as Approach for approximatly 3 hours and handled in total 1 (departure) traffic. So... more then 90% of the 3 hours logged was IDLE time. I can say to you this is very boring, and not really exited and interesting for new controllers. No traffic play parts also. Its not attractive for new controllers if there is no traffic.


Maybe my location is not that good, if I arrive home and starts to control in the evening (1800UTC) most people in Asia sleeps.


And my interest is flying above controlling. So you will see me more flying then control.

VATSIM ASIA Region > http://www.vatasia.net

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