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$400 FSX Challenge

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I'm looking to rebuild/upgrade my existing machine. I'll be carrying over optical drives, storage, sound card, case, power supply, case fans, etc. I also have a "new to me" PCIe ATI 9800GT 1GB which I hope to reuse. I have WinXP and Vista Business at my disposal, but not Win7.


So what I really need is an ATX mobo (not microATX, please!), CPU (+ cooling?), and RAM for not more than $400 all-in. Any chance of pulling that off and expecting >15fps during critical phases with moderate settings in FSX? Can you recommend some components?

Steven Perry

VATSIM Supervisor

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Try this!!


ATX Mobo - MSI P45 Neo-F Core 2 Extreme/Intel P45/FSB 1600(OC)/4DDR2-1066/GbE/R/A/ATX - $88


Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 3 GHz 1333MHz 6 MB LGA775 - $168


RAM - Corsair XMS2 4 GB (2 X 2 GB) PC2-6400 800 MHz 240-PIN DDR2 Dual-Channel Memory Kit - $93


Total $350 (approx)...shipping above $25 is free in amazon


If you search for the first item, actually go to that link and scroll down a bit, you will see all three being provided together in one click kinda selection. There should be others available and more sites offering them, but they will all cut very close to $400, I actually didn't expect to find one, but u never know, but with $50 to spare, you might want to search a lil' bit more for a slightly higher processor if you would like, or get 2 more GB memory, [Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming u have a 64 bit, otherwise just the processor...Good luck!!


*Disclaimer - I don't know if they are the top of the line, but it is under $400

When is your next Flight||VATSIM HitSquad Member, ZOA/ZAK/P1


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