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Aircraft Situation Editor (ASE) V1.3 - Released

Craig Phillips 947617

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Craig Phillips 947617



Aircraft Situation Editor V1.3



Aircraft Situation Editor (ASE) is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) tool to create & edit aircraft situation files for ACSIM, Euroscope (V3.1) and TWRTrainer, specifically targeted for use on the VATSIM Sweatbox Server.



What's New?

  • Euroscope Scenario Repository
    Euroscope Aircraft Performances
    Euroscope Scenario format modifications
    TWRTrainer aircraft type specified in the aircraft editor, instead of defaulting to J - Jet



Existing Features

  • Load, Save & Modify ACSIM and Euroscope situation files
    Download Flight Plans from VRoute
    Euroscope Data editor; airfield elevation, dummy controllers, holds
    Load, Save & Modify TWRTrainer Scenario files
    User Interface and code modifications
    Multi-Flight Plan display (vRoute)
    Search Fix/Aircraft
    Ruler – Display & Interaction changes
    Load SCT2 files; Regions and static text
    Recent Situation and Sector Files loaded
    SIDs and STARs
    Copy aircraft





Main Screen



Aircraft Editor



Flight Plans







Known Issues

  • 1. ACSIM defaults to using 45 Nautical Miles (NM) per Longitude. This will result incorrect headings being performed when playing the situation through ACSIM.
    2. During peak times, the Flight Plan response from vRoute may take in excess of 20 seconds.
    3. ASE does not load Euroscope modified sector files.
    4. The font does not install on Windows Vista -
Download Font
5. Windows Vista/Windows 7 users must install and run ASE as an administrator


More Information & Download

Aircraft Situation Editor (ASE) V1.3



Aircraft Situation Editor (ASE) V1.3 Manual (PDF)



by Craig Phillips


Craig Phillips


Senior Student - UK South East - Mentor

Developer: Aircraft Situation Editor (ASE)

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  • 1 month later...
Craig Phillips 947617



Just to inform, there is a new version to download. New features include;


  • Euroscope Aircraft Performances - Fixed Loading bug issue
    Euroscope Scenario format modifications
    Euroscope aircraft Indicated Airspeed Variation (IASVARIATION)
    SIDs, STARs and Geography user definable visibilities
    Load Euroscope Modified Sector files - define geography grouping.
    Aircraft Editor Form - changed tab order




Craig Phillips

(ASE Developer)


Craig Phillips


Senior Student - UK South East - Mentor

Developer: Aircraft Situation Editor (ASE)

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