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NOTAM 26DEC09 UIR Enroute Control - AUSTRALIA

Mark Richards

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Mark Richards



1.1 From January 1st, 2010, VATPAC will commence a two month trial of two new Upper Information Regions (UIRs) using FSS to provide enroute control services covering continental Australia.


1.2 These super sector positions using FSS will establish an Upper Information Region (UIR) control center above FL245 covering the sectors contained within the FIR. Services are only provided above FL245 (see section 3.4).


1.3 Each UIR Enroute control position will provide an upper enroute control service across multiple standard CTR sectors within YMMM FIR (YMMM_FSS) or YBBB FIR (YBBB_FSS).


1.4 The trial period commences January 1st, 2010, 0000UTC and finishes on February 28th, 2359UTC. An additional NOTAM will be released prior to trial completion.




2.1 Two UIR Enroute control units will be introduced for the duration of the trial:


  • Melbourne Upper
    Callsign: YMMM_FSS
    Facility: Flight Service Station
    Radio Callsign: Melbourne Centre
    Frequency: 134.2
    Sectors: PIL, KLG, NUL, CAN, BKE, BIK, SNO, TAS
    Vertical Limits: FL245-FL600
  • Brisbane Upper
    Callsign: YBBB_FSS
    Facility: Flight Service Station
    Radio Callsign: Brisbane Centre
    Frequency: 132.1
    Sectors: TRT, CAH, ISA, TBP, KPL, DOS, ARL
    Vertical Limits: FL245-FL600






3.1 A UIR Enroute control sector consists of multiple standard CTR sectors joined to form one super sector where an Upper Information Region (Above FL245) is then established. The UIR Enroute controller must release standard CTR sectors from the UIR sector as they are opened by additional controllers or pick up standard CTR sector that is vacated. Where traffic levels are such that the UIR Enroute controller cannot provide adequate service to the entire UIR, the UIR controller should close the UIR Enroute service and open an appropriate standard CTR position.


3.2 Any ENR rated controller may open an Upper Information Region (FSS) Enroute control position.


3.3 Either UIR Enroute control position as defined above and in the Australian airspace guide may be opened at any time during the trial period.


3.4 A UIR Enroute controller should continue to provide a control service to aircraft on descent into a TMA where APP is active. Conversely, departures from the TMA requesting above FL245 should be transferred directly to the UIR Enroute control service. Otherwise, a UIR Enroute controller must not provide coverage below the UIR floor (FL245).


3.5 A UIR Enroute controller is prohibited from providing extended lateral coverage.


3.6 Standard CTR sectors are allowed to provide extended coverage on condition that the CTR controller can cover the entire adjacent sector(s) they wish to extend to. Extended coverage must be coordinated with any adjacent controllers as appropriate.


3.7 The VATPAC Ratings & Controller Positions policy has been updated to reflect the operation of UIR Enroute control positions. This can be found here. All controllers must be familiar with the revised policy prior to controlling from January 1st.



4.1 Pilots can expect to have all services terminated prior to leaving the UIR. This will take the following format:

  • "QFA123, leave controlled airspace on descent, control and identification services terminated, frequency change approved."


4.2 Upon termination of services pilots should switch to UNICOM on 122.8 and provide reports to other traffic to aid situational awareness.


4.3 Pilots that expect to transition an active UIR Enroute position (climbing above FL245) should make contact with the UIR CTR prior to reaching FL245 or when directed to by private message from the controller.




5.1 This NOTAM self-cancels at 1002282359 UTC.




6.1 Enquiries to be directed to:




Jake Saw, VATPAC8

Director ATC Operations

[email protected]



7.1 By VATSIM Message Board

Mark Richards (811451)

Auckland, New Zealand



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