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What you can do with EuroScope PlugIn Environment

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So this will be released as a ES plugin in the nearest future? As a plugin running 'inside' ES, or a standalone application? I looks very interesting!


Another plugin I would love to have is something like this:



That would be an awesome plugin to have, but given the fact we are not looking out the window of a control tower (especially for controllers who don't have FS), having this although will be cool, but it might make controlling difficult? As we need to interchange between displays...

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Ohhh, typo

Yes the METAR will be displayed in AWOS.


As for the GVCCS, no you will not, it uses Skype, as the idea behind it was to byp[Mod - Happy Thoughts] the p2p connection of all VATSIM ATC's clients, plus it has some features already build in as transfer, hold, conference call and is simulating a land line, what the intercom is .

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