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Plug-In development / question

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Actually it can, as the command bar is used for private chats, and you can easy send a chat message which the plugin can read as a command and thus can be used as P2P between the plugins and sending enter is quite easy . But I think it can be done by a function reading the alias file loaded in the ES and the ability to be set on mouse click.

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I didn't want to make it that complicated


There must be still a misunterstanding!


Jonas is thinking like I do, so let me try to point this out:

If you ONLY set some text in the command line (no additional ), the user has manually to send this message. So there is no possibillity to program an automated loop.


Btw: I do NOT want to send a private message, just creating a text which should be sent by the controller on the primary frequency...

Sascha Fruehwirth



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