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How Are Fixes Updated?

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Bob, it is located in C:/Users/(Username)/AppData/Roaming/vSTATS/NavData (On W7 at least)


Bob, you can email me and I can work on the fixes, you know my address.

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Yeah, we in ZNY have quite a few missing that we would like to add as well.


Similarly I have found in ZOA.


The fixes come from a pretty recent AIRAC, so I'm curious as to how some are missing or out of place. Please email me the details. vatsim (at) metacraft (dot) com.


Email sent.


If you do not have the capabilities to add them, could we get a method for adding it to our local database?



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I think the AIRAC used was 1112 or earlier. 1113 was a very large update for at least us at ZTL, with new waypoints in our departure procedures. Most of our departures changed at both ATL and CLT. A few of those fixes are missing as well. Not a big deal as that is what the RVMs are for, but how Do these get updated? Is there a way for them to auto download each cycle?

The above pertains to United States



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If you want, I have a source that with a quick clean up and a few other items, could probably import 1201 without any issues for the US. (This should fix any issues with missing fixes for you?)


I have a World Source, but at the moment they're restructuring their data output so I can't get to them.


EDIT : Looks like my World source is back up and outputting again. Let me know if you want me to update the file for you.


One more edit : I would only release this if it doesn't step on Ross' toes as a temporary solution. I'm not sure what his permanent solution is regarding NavData




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