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Could you be a VATSIM Network Supervisor?

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What is a VATSIM Network Supervisor?
VATSIM Supervisors are volunteers who use their experience and knowledge of VATSIM to help our pilots and controllers enjoy the network by answering questions, providing technical support and, where necessary, enforcing the VATSIM Code of Conduct and other global policies.

We are looking for mature, engaging and level-headed individuals who have the time and enthusiasm to give back to the network in this crucial role. VATSIM Supervisors are ambassadors of the network and the first port of call for new and seasoned members who have questions or are experiencing a problem. There is no material reward or prestige associated with this role: the reward comes in the form of knowing that you have helped a fellow member enhance their enjoyment of the network. That's all there is to it.

VATSIM Supervisors are appointed year-round on a when-required basis.

Could you be one?
In order to be considered for this role, you must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older;
  • Have at least 2 years of VATSIM membership and at least 200 hours connected;
  • Have at least 60 hours connection time to the network during the three consecutive months before you submit an application;
  • Have a good knowledge of at least one controller client and one pilot client used on VATSIM;
  • Be fluent in English;
  • Have no serious disciplinary history for at least two years prior to your application;
  • Have a good knowledge of VATSIM rules and regulations, especially the Code of Conduct;
  • Have some demonstrable experience of resolving conflict and have the mindset of wanting to help others;
  • Be prepared to spend at least 20 hours per month online either flying or controlling, which will include at least 5 hours per month exclusively Supervising (without pilot or ATC duties).


Having any of the following will help you:

  • Experience of a position of responsibility within VATSIM or related virtual flying organisation;
  • An excellent knowledge of all VATSIM rules and regulations;
  • Fluency in languages other than English.


How do I express an interest to become one?
Follow these steps to get your application started:

  1. Confirm you meet all the essential criteria above.
  2. Supervisor applications are closed at this time. Please check back in the near future. Thank you for your interest! We look forward to seeing your application when they open again.
  3. Send an email to "..." 
  4. Wait for a return e-mail which will contain a link to an application.
  5. Complete all parts of the application accurately and with enough detail to demonstrate how you meet the requirements we are looking for (see 'Helping you apply' below);
  6. Select your references. These must be members of the network, and people that know you personally. You references will be checked.
  7. Your application will be reviewed to confirm if you meet the requirements. You will be informed if you have met the requirements;
  8. Accepted applications will be put in a 'holding pool'. This does not indicate you have been selected;
  9. When we need more VATSIM Supervisors to join our team, should your skills and availability match our needs, you will receive an email to your VATSIM registered address giving you further instructions;
  10. New members of the team have a period of initial training. After this is completed you will be upgraded to the rating of Supervisor.

Please note that applications not selected from the 'holding pool' will expire after a period of time. Should you still be interested in the VATSIM Supervisor role, you need to re-submit an application in this case.


Helping you apply

Every month, we process many applications. As a result, it's important you use your application to:

  • Give a good first impression;
  • Make your application stand out.

You can demonstrate the above in a variety of ways. Please find below a summary of common problems with applications.

Lack of detail
Short applications give the impression that you are not willing to spend time on achieving your goals. Applications with only one sentence per information field are rarely enough to get across the key points that help us understand why you are the best person to take on the responsibilities of a Supervisor.

Lack of focus
In order to write an outstanding application, you will need to cover each aspect of the role’s criteria and how you are able to perform the role to a high standard. As an example, Network Supervisors spend a lot of time assisting new members. This requires patience, empathy and the ability to convey complicated instructions into easily understandable sentences. You may like to demonstrate how you are able to do this and any ideas you have for improvement.

Vague and/or unsubstantiated statements 
One of the most common faults we come across is the lack of evidence for claims such as, “I’m an excellent team player”. To demonstrate your personal qualities, any statement must be accompanied with evidence.

Unfortunately, one of the most common faults is spelling and grammar. You should ensure that spelling is checked using the inbuilt feature of your word processor, web browser and/or online facilities. Taking the time to proof read your application and then spell checking it will pay dividends as it will make your application stand out.

We understand that many applicant's first language is not English, and this will be taken into consideration.

Candidates with accepted applications not continuing to meet the activity requirements
When a candidate has been advised their application has been accepted into the ‘pool’ they must continue to meet the activity requirement of 60 hours per calendar quarter.

Your references have no idea who you are
Make sure your references know you are applying, and that they are willing to speak to someone about your suitability for the role.


We hope this is helpful!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to seeing your application.
If you have any questions about VATSIM Supervisors or any part of the application process, please contact the team at supervisors (at) vatsim.net.

Vice President - Supervisors
VATSIM Board of Governors

Contact the Supervisor Team | Could you be a Supervisor?


Unless otherwise stated, opinions are my own and not representative of the official opinion of the VATSIM Board of Governors

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