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Oceanic Tracks Display

Tom Seeley

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When I download the current NAT tracks from within VRC and display them, the western-most portion goes off into space rather than connecting with the entry/exit point. I've verified that the fixes have the correct coordinates in the sector file, and in fact the five-letter fixes are displayed correctly. The track hits the final LAT/LON fix, and then all tracks wander off to the same point in the southern hemisphere. (See image)

It seems to me there is something wrong with the download, but I can't see it, so don't know.

Any idea how to correct this?



Western tracks



Eastern tracks

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I believe all VRC users experience this problem. But I do not believe Ross has any intentions of further developing/updating VRC, so not sure if this can be fixed. Depending on your ATC facility/position, this may or may not be a big deal. For most ARTCC's there is no use for this feature but I can understand how this could be frustrating for an Oceanic controller.

Cam B.
VATSIM Supervisor

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  • Board of Governors

The fixes that are showing up at 00/00 have been added to the NATs since the release of VRC. They were added effective 29 May 2014 (see data, below). I'm 99.9999% sure the oceanic track fixes and corresponding coordinates/locations were hard coded into VRC, so without a known location for those fix names, they display at 00/00. [Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming my 99.9999% theory is correct, you are correct that the only person that can fix this (no pun intended ) is Ross.


AVPUT 65° 02’ N 060° W
CLAVY 64° 14’ N 059° W
EMBOK 63° 28’ N 058° W 
KETLA 62° 28’ N 058° W 
MAXAR 61° 28’ N 058° W 
PIDSO 60° 28’ N 058° W 
SAVRY 59° 28’ N 058° W 
URSAP 58° 35’ N 057° 30’ W 
ALTOD 57° 42’ N 057° W 
CUDDY 56° 42’ N 057° W 
DORYY 56° 02’ N 057° W 
HOIST 55° 02’ N 057° W
JANJO 54° 02’ N 057° W
LOMSI 53° 06’ N 056° 47’ W
NEEKO 52° 24’ N 055° 50’ W
RIKAL 51° 48’ N 054° 32’ W
TUDEP 51° 10’ N 053° 14’ W
ALLRY 50° 30’ N 052° W
ELSIR 49° 30’ N 052° W
JOOPY 48° 30’ N 052° W
NICSO 47° 30’ N 052° W
PORTI 46° 30’ N 052° W
SUPRY 45° 30’ N 052° W

Don Desfosse
Vice President, Operations

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Looks to me like the issue is server-side (source):


Note the lat/lon of the JOOPY waypoint. Many other tracks appear to end with waypoints having lats & lons pointing to (0,0).


EDIT: Just noticed JOOPY was in Don's list above. Perhaps it's just a server-side update that's needed to report the correct coordinates for the new waypoints.

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VRC pulls the track data from the VRC web server, which in turn pulls it from a script running on simroutes.com, which in turn pulls it from a third party source. So either there is a problem at the original source, or at simroutes.com. I'll contact the simroutes author and see what's up.

Developer: vPilot, VRC, vSTARS, vERAM, VAT-Spy

Senior Controller, Boston Virtual ARTCC

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Well I'm 99.99999% sure that SimRoutes doesn't actually look up the fix coordinates, in this case they just come from the source.


I did a few tests this evening based on the data alone and couldn't manage to get the coordinates to populate for these new waypoints. The original data source has them listed as 0/0. We will try and speak to the source (who I haven't spoken to since 2007 but was an awesome guy back then). If we can't figure that out then I might have to pull the source code off of a microfiche to modify it


Was actually thinking about sunsetting simroutes so that I could stop funding the service that has been hosting it for the past 14 years. I guess some people still use it.... While people like Bradley might think it sucks, I think it isn't that bad for a Netscape LiveWire application and an access 98 database hacked together by a product guy who has no programming skills


Tom, Bill, Don, Ross and others - glad to see you are all still alive and kicking. Hope all is well.

Ian Elchitz

Just a guy without any fancy titles

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