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How do I connect ASRC and/or VRC to the sweatbox server?

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> The rest of the files are now in My Docomeents\VRC. You need to create the myservers.txt file there.

Ross likely solved the problem! Tank you oh thank you. Vielen dank! Grazie mille! Maraming salamat!


But I'll just push submit on my rant for old times sake




This is the single most frustrating bane of my existence as an instructor. And I say that as someone who as a programmer upgraded my small company's software products to comply with Windows User Account Control guidelines 10 years ago, and provided phone customer support for the same products. A good fraction, at least 1 in 4, of my students require FORTY MINUTES or more to complete this operation. The worst is the period after they have the file in place, with the right line in it, and have restarted VRC, yet the program isn't showing the sweatbox server in the list. Stopping and starting it three times might work. Eye of newt and toe of frog is on my list to try. Prayer and fasting might be the best tactic. Students have come back the next day and it suddenly works. I think once the student had two installations and we were fighting with the one that wasn't attached to his shortcut.


Students who don't have administrator priviledge and don't have file extensions turned on for known file types, and don't know their account name so we can wander around in the users hierarchy searching for the shadow folder and ... You can't pay me enough to do this - yet I'm doing it "for fun"


Bitch bitch bitch. Sorry - I feel better now.

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And that's why my more modern clients (vSTARS, vDSR) automatically add the sweatbox server to the server list. VRC hails from the days when the sweatbox was only used by a few people, mostly within ZBW.


Next time I do a VRC update, I'll look into having it auto-add the sweatbox server.

Developer: vPilot, VRC, vSTARS, vERAM, VAT-Spy

Senior Controller, Boston Virtual ARTCC

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[myservers.txt] is the single most frustrating bane of my existence as an instructor.

I made this a while ago. We compile a .zip file for new students that includes a myservers.txt file, and then we tell them how to put it in the right spot. It completely eliminates that frustration.


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