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Some Regions Not Showing

Sam White 1214219

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VRC Metacraft Forum[/url]"]Hi,


For some reason some of the regions in my sector file are showing correctly and some are not, although - as far as I can tell - they are formatted in exactly the same way!




This region - the blue background - appears:

smrBlue N054.01.03.882 W004.45.09.288
N054.02.27.355 W004.27.28.773
N054.11.50.621 W004.26.34.349
N054.10.21.650 W004.49.46.279

This region - one of the aprons - does not appear:

smrTaxiway N054.05.00.430 W004.38.13.336
N054.05.00.279 W004.38.13.019
N054.05.00.289 W004.38.12.962
N054.05.00.338 W004.38.12.922
N054.05.00.525 W004.38.13.303
N054.05.00.473 W004.38.13.343


The full sector file is here: https://w50.co.uk/vatsim/Images/EGNS%20VRC.sct2


Thanks for any help!


Does anyone have any ideas about this?

VATSIM UK S2 Rated (Essex RTS)


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Check the order of the region definitions. If I remember correctly, VRC draws them in the order you define them so your first region definition would be your 'base layer'. Anything below that would be drawn on top of that base layer and so on.

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I just checked and the example you cited, Area_Victor, is indeed showing. It's that tiny area just to the left of A9, and down and left of the gray area that's also near A9. (I changed Area Victor's color to red then yellow to verify what I was looking at.) Is it supposed to be that tiny?

Don Desfosse
Vice President, Operations

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Hi Don,


Thank you very much for your help! It seems that I meant to use the "Parking_Area_Victor" region instead of the "Area_Victor" region...


I have found that there was a very slight area where that region overlapped itself and that was preventing the whole region from showing, while in EuroScope only the area containing the overlap will not show, which is why the issue was not spotted earlier.



After editing the regions to remove areas of overlap:


VATSIM UK S2 Rated (Essex RTS)


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