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I have found that your voice begins to be captured immediately after pressing PTT, and the delay in the TX light illuminating is superficial. Perhaps your experience is different? I would try a proper test to be sure. Press the PTT button immediately before rapidly counting "one two three four five" and see if others hear the word "one" fully.



I would be so happy if the audio capture would be quick enough to properly send out a zipper. Whether the pilot hears it 500ms or 1 sec later is not really the key issue.


On the contrary, the 500 or 1000 ms delay is at the heart of the issue. If that delay were shortened, we would have far fewer issues with pilots stepping on each other. The larger that delay, the greater the chance that two pilots will both discern that the frequency is idle, and start transmitting, not knowing that another user has already started transmitting. Obviously there will always be the possibility of one pilot transmitting before he begins to hear the audio from another user that is already transmitting, but the more we can reduce the delay between a user transmitting and other users beginning to hear it, the less we will have users stepping on each other. 500 to 1000 ms is WAY too much and creates far too much opportunity for stepping on other users.


Perhaps coupled with the psychological experience of this pseudo delay on the xmit light and the actual lag, the effect becomes more pronounced to the user. You're absolutely right on the lag though, I withdraw my earlier comment about it not being a key issue. It´s just that I think that (near) immediate visual (or audio by way of side-tone) indication, that [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ures you that you are transmitting is important as well.


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