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Tomorrow Night - both TGIF and AvA's FFC in ZAB!!

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Thank you to the pilots who came in. From my perspective, you guys did a great job!


Only problem with the event is that we split the center at the wrong place based on the expected load. You guys came at us from the direction we weren't prepared for


Oh well, Kyle Kinzerr, our ace up the sleeve, pulled it off and made that mistake mean nothing.


What a great evening!

Fred Clausen, vZAB ATM

ZAB real life

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The event was great last night. Most of you probably recognized my name and could put it under the "rude controller" list, but I'm sorry. Last night the final was flowing on my side, but it seems that the other final had problems with his pilots or something on his end, pulling them with near collisions with my traffic flowing into 25L. I had to vector some people off the final, and hopefully that didn't make you that angry at me However, I was very glad to see you all come into my sector and I was honored to control your aircraft.


Thanks for a great TGIF!


Michael Graham


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Hey guys, thanks for making ZAB's TGIF/FFC such a success!


I was staffing that 'other' final approach sector that Michael was talking about. Personally, I had a bad night. First, my feeder approach partner must have been dropped from the server and did not return, creating havoc with the COYOT and BUNTR arrivals, I counted 26 aircraft in my sector at one point. After I resequenced the arrivals, the server gave me 'the boot' too, twice, and on top of all that, ASRC had 4 CTDs!! I'd like to dish out some props to Josh Rosard from Denver, he bailed me out when I was having problems. I even told him I'd be back on, but could not re-establish a consistant connection.


To all the great (and even the bad...hehe, just kidding) pilots out there, thanks for flying ZAB, I hope to see you all of you again in our airspace!


Also, thanks to the amazing ZAB controllers and staff, and our neighbours, I couldn't pull off this kind of event without you. Last but not least, the VATUSA crew! Many of the VATUSA staff volunteered their time and services for our event on Friday night, however, we ended up with enough internal controllers to work and did not require the help of VATUSA. Thanks!


Jim Machintosh,

ZAB Events

Jim Machintosh - ZAB C1

ZAB Staff Alumni


Sim Routes Administrator


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Yeah, I'd want to give a shoutout to the rest of the TGIF crew we had working at PHX/P50/ABQ Center Friday. It was a good event, not too many bumps (a few minor ones). One word of advice to our controllers (at ZAB) -- if you feel like the server may (and does) bump you, switch to another server instead of staying with the same server all the time. I used UK-1 for the whole night and not once was I bounced.


Anyway, I was PHX_N_TWR (I mighta pissed off a few pilots who tried to contact me even though they were inbound for 25L on S_TWR with Peyton S., my TWR co-captain.) and saw alot of traffic. It felt like we were the real deal for one night. Hats go off to Peyton S., S_TWR and co-captain for the PHX ground crew, Nick Brown at PHX_GND, Scott Mulhollan on SF_APP (I think) who was watching us most of the night and giving advice, Mike Graham (MA) giving us the WX advisories for our ATIS and more, and everybody else who worked CTR and APP. I definitely look forward to doing it again soon!

Student 2

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Yeah basically the same thing stuart said. You did awesome too stuart. Thanks everyone at ZAB we all did awesome, and hopefully our events to come will be just as fun. Thanks to all the pilots who flew in and we wish to see you back for our other ZAB events in the future. Make sure to check out our new website coming soon.......... AND we have many events coming up soon, we'll keep you guys posted.


Thanks again to everyone. C ya in the skys or on the scopes.

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