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Why I Quit Unicom

Mike Freeman

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Hello guys, like in real life where you are supposed to connect airport frequency at 5 min before entering uncontrolled zone around airfield, if people do not communicate as it is asked to do, I propose two options non mutually exclusive which are :

- send a .wallop message indicating what is happening in the specific area where non communicating pilot creates hazardous situation in a busy place, to be asked by a supervisor to read network instructions

- send an 'AIRPROX' message, to staff, like you have to do in real life, indicating what happened and what others had to do to avoid collision. An email to the guys who do not respect the basics rules will ask to do so, we the right to do a mistake but be forbidden to do the same twice.


In a few months there will probably be a little bit less pilots but, with only rookies or veterans who really want to fly on network with the will to increase their skills (you'll ever be a flying student) and to share them with kindness, it'll be an happier network to deal with ..


PPL from France

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