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[Workaround] ES performance issues

Jonas Kuster

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Recent network conditions brought up a new issue regarding the performance of ES when a lot of traffic is online. You may also have experienced a severe lag of ES when a larger number of pilots was connected to VATSIM. This issue was analyzed also by controllers of vACC Switzerland (thanks to @Lionel Bischof 1178908 and @Luca Santoro 1306550!), and eventually the root cause was identified.

The problem comes from the "FP List"

  1. Make sure to display it via "Quick SET" -> "Show Flight Plan List"
  2. In the upper heading, toogle off the "N"
  3. The lags should disappear

The lag is observed independently whether the list is displayed or not. So just hiding the FP list doesn't solve the issue.
The relevant setting is part of the general settings, the parameter "m_ShowUnconcernedInFpList" should be set to 0.

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Jonas Kuster
Network Supervisor
Leader Operation vACC Switzerland | vacc.ch @vaccswitzerland
GNG Support Team | gng.aero-nav.com
ES Plugin Developer | CCAMS

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