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Im webmaster of VATSIM Israel division, 

lately we want to change the ipboard forum theme to new one,
And some users can say that all works for them, but others says that in the connection with cert. its stuck there and not return to the forum . 
But if we change it the the default theme all works good.  

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18 hours ago, Zach Biesse-Fitton said:

We have an IPboard integration for VATSIM Connect on our GitHub:


i tried to add this login method to our forum but i couldn't make it work
in admin setting what should i put inside:

*VATSIM Auth Requirements URL
*VATSIM Auth Scope
here is a screenshot from the settings :



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NB... the URL is just a page we created here on the forum. You can create your own with the same/different content and set that URL as the requirements URL if you don't want to redirect to VATSIM if someone removes the requirements.




Matt Bozwood-Davies
 Vice President Technical Development    
## [email protected]
## www.vatsim.net
## ##
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