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VATSIM Login-iOS Thinks it’s a Credit Card

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I have found that I am not the only person who has this issue. When VATSIM went with the new looking SSO sign in Page, iOS now thinks it’s asking for a credit card and won’t prompt me to auto-fill. This is extremely annoying and wondering if it can be fixed. Images attached.



Kyle Sanders

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I've had the same issue with Dashlane on PC and Android thinking the field is a credit card CID, for now I've got a user script on PC renaming the field (https://gist.github.com/viljowilding/734e3f283330cc1f9a1a63acdb9e6865) but changing the label to "Certificate ID" would be welcome!

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So... uh... a little birb's told me a fix has just been rolled out 👀


EDIT: Thx @Viljo Wilding for that gist! Made something I had been procrastinating for ages a simple 1-minute fix 😄. It's odd how this isn't documented anywhere (or at least nowhere I've looked)

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