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AFV - Constant Voice Disconnects on vPilot

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My ISP provided modem was giving me headaches and showing a lot of uncorrectable codes and they refused to fix it, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and I bought my own modem. I've been connected to Vatsim for about an hour and a half and not a single AFV disconnect. So it wasn't the router, my settings, W10 update, it ended up being the modem. I will say it does seem that AFV is awfully sensitive.



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It is more sensitive than FSD indeed. Mainly because most of it runs on UDP whereas FSD runs on TCP. Even though, I doubt "3 consecutive failed tries spaced in 5 second intervals" is too sensitive. Sure, you can lose packets here and there, but 3 random ones seems pretty bad to me 😄

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I don't know what's changed but I've flown 4 fairly long hauls of 3 hours each in P3D and not one disconnect! That was with and without ATC in range. Running version 2.6.4 of vPilot. I haven't tried it with FS2020. Oh sorry I did try it today on a short flight with no problems.

Hey go back to the earlier version! I'm missing the red letters!

Don Whyte


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