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What to do when given new waypoints or told to switch plan on the fly?

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On 8/5/2020 at 11:32 PM, Manny Rollin said:




Also, this may be a bit of a weird question, but when you're cleared for an IFR SID, how do you write it down? Some of them are hard to make out, as often times they're not really words. I mean I get if you fly out of the same airport every time, you get to know the various SIDS/STARS, but if it's my first time flying there, I usually can't even repeat back the instructions as I have to scroll through tens of pages of charts and SIDS and STARS to find something that remotely sounds like the name. 


Thanks for the help!

At least the Vatsim Controller   will read out  your Complex clearance  and a reasonably slow pace,  with spaces between fixes   etc.

If you want to ROFL,  try filing a complex IFR flight plan in MSFS2020  (not on Vatsim,  but instead using the simulators AI Controllers),  and then listen to the Audio Clearance you are given  !!

(I am still ROFL  as I type this, remembering what it sounded like) ..      Imagine reading back a whole stream of Fixes,  IGNORING any spaces between them  -- YES  - that what MSFS2020 does  !!.



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