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Activesky Unable To Download VATSIM metars

Brian Salmeron

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Hello for the past few days Activesky has been unable To download the  VATSIM metars when you select 'Use vatsim weather' in the activesky settings. I've opened a support ticket at Hifi and they got back to me to say

'We have no control or any technical connection with their weather servers.

I know they are currently redoing their system so that may be the issue.'

Has the URL or server location changed and Activesky can't find where the data is or is it something else?



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Now that you are mentioning this, it looks like something's broken on the side of ActiveSky.

For example, the METAR for NZQN is only available to VATSIM with a special remark: NZQN 141530Z 04004KT 50KM NCD M03/M04 Q1027 RMK AUTO VATSIM USE ONLY

I just downloaded Queenstown's METAR through Qutescoop, meaning the VATSIM METAR feed works perfectly fine.

In ActiveSkyXP it looks like this:


NZQN 141532Z 00302KT 9999 FEW030 04/M02 Q1026 RMK ADVANCED INTERPOLATION

Decoded textual weather for NZQN

Wind: 003 at 2 knots
Visibility: 10+ SM (9999+ m)
Clouds: Few at 3000 feet
Temperature: 3,8C
Dewpoint: -1,7C
Precipitation: None reported
Altimeter: 1026 mb (30,29 inches)

Surface winds calculated from the closest data grid point

Surface temperature calculated from the closest data grid point

Visibility interpolation based on:
  -NZCH 188nm NE (0650)
Altimeter interpolation based on:
  -NZCH 188nm NE (Q1026)
Precipitation based on extended grid weather data

It cannot access the VATSIM METAR for NZQN, but uses grid data for some of the values and the METAR data from the nearest available station with current weather from the public METAR network, that would be NZCH. The current METAR from NZCH can be accessed by ASXP, because it is publicly available: NZCH 141530Z AUTO 30001KT 0200 R02/0650D R20/P2000N FZFG VV002 M03/M03 Q1026 TEMPO 2000 BR

Something's odd there.

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Hi Andreas to make sure you tested it correctly, to use the vatsim metar in activesky you need tick 'use vatsim weather' in settings then load a flightplan into activesky then it downloads the vatsim metars for your dep, arr and alternate.

Just want to make sure it's not just on my end that somethings not working.

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On 8/15/2020 at 12:22 AM, Brian Salmeron said:

Thank's for checking Andreas I'll let Hifi know about it again.

Hi Brian, have you heard back from them? I am currently flying online in New Zealand with VATSIM weather activated and it can only use the public METARs from NZCH, NZWN and NZAA. All others are not available and the interpolation of weather is pretty inaccurate.

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Just heard back from Hifi

'' We were able to identify the issue.  Apparently the VATSIM URL we were using to obtain the active METAR data URL (https://status.vatsim.net) is no longer returning result data for our programmatic "client", possibly due to an unexpected redirect, change at their web server end or to something with .NET/windows updates.  It works fine with a normal web browser but not our client.  This is the first we've heard of an issue here but it seems to affect all Active Sky products.  It's likely to have just started recently.

We have resolved in our current generation products ASP3D and ASXP (will be posted in next public builds soon) by simply using a non-https URL (http://status.vatsim.net).  We are not sure on the timeline for previous generation products such as AS16 but given our current workload and priorities it may take some time.  I regret that we are unable to provide a quicker fix for you. ''

As I'm an AS16 user it's not likely going to be fixed for me but for P3D and Xplane versions it will be fixed in their next update coming soon.

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20 hours ago, Andreas Fuchs said:

Yes, 7542 is the one that HiFi Support had sent me a link for, too. But even after loading a flightplan from NZQN to NZNS, it kept interpolating data, I never got the VATSIM METAR to show as in your screenshot. Strange!

Not sure this really works, at least with ASXP (can't say about AS16). In the included revisions.txt it says


Fixed a VATSIM METAR fetching issue where VATSIM data was not downloaded even when option enabled and flight plan loaded (NOTE: METARs that are exclusive to use for VATSIM ONLY will not be downloaded due to data licensing concerns - These METARs would contain RMK VATSIM USE ONLY when looked up via VATSIM)


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On 8/29/2020 at 10:31 AM, Matt Bozwood-Davies said:

Hi guys, 

I'll reach out to them to investigate this further.


Hi Matt,

How did you get on please?  I can see that this is still an issue in ASXP - it's not downloading the METARs that have 'VATSIM USE ONLY' as a remark.  I've emailed (and copied you into) the General Manager for Aviation Services at New Zealand's MetService organisation.  Hopefully he can provide some clarity on the licence for the METARs they provide to VATSIM.  It would seem counter-intuitive for the licence to prevent tools like Active Sky from using them.

Cheers, Ady

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I am running Active Sky XP version 7618.

"vatsim injection" has recently stopped showing in the flight plan metars.

I have the vatsim option ticked & have a flight plan entered in Active Sky XP.

Can someone with Active Sky XP please test if it is working.

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