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Can't connect (MSFS)

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Good job.  I got in on UK1, so it may be that your details have yet to be copied onto that one.  It probably makes very little difference, unless one is for the South of the UK and, until Boris levels us up, a very slow one in the North,  🙂

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I am a new Vatsim pilot (former IVAO). I thought it was just a beginner` s fault but now I see it` s a general issue.

Or do you have 2 different passwords too like the IVAO Website password and the IVAP Software password? I just completed the test for the new vatsim pilots and passed it with 86%. I still can` t log in to vatsim on fs 2020. Don` t know what I am doing wrong to be honest.

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13 hours ago, Paul Thomas said:

I take it that you changed your password to the new one in the reactivation email?

Yes, I've gone through every help thread I could find and am 100% sure that I'm using the correct CID/PW. I even tried connecting on different servers like others said but to no avail.

I also tried intentionally connecting with an incorrect password, and the error message it gave was different. With the correct password, it connects me to the voice server then disconnects me immediately, where with the incorrect password it just says forbidden and does not let me connect period.

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Having waited nearly 3 days after re-activating my account, I can connect, but I now get the message:

Error connecting to voice server: Connect failed (Forbidden - )

I can see a list of frequencies etc now (so have gotten a step further than I was at 2 days ago) but can't hear anything at all on any frequency, presumably because I not connected to the voice server.

If anyone has any ideas what is going wrong here I'd appreciate the help!!!




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The voice server requires capitalised passwords, so it's good to check if your password capitalisation in vPilot is correct. Hope this fixes the issue.

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