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Bug reporting topic: Invisible planes in MSFS

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As an update. We are in discussion with Asobo about this issue. Please keep the bug reports coming!

Yeah, that's enough info, thanks.

After a conversation I had with an Asobo dev team member, they are now aware of how to reproduce this issue and have it on their list to fix it. So it should be taken care of in a future update of MSF

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6 hours ago, Diego Vasquez said:

Thanks for this.!

Is this triggered when the weather settings are changed, or when the weather itself changes? I don't ever touch these but I do fly with live weather.




To me it happens when:

  1. Change time
  2. Change weather

In all cases though i restore normal operations by closing vPilot , opening and connecting again.

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For me, i have not really noticed traffic  actually disappearing yet. Though lately i noticed that the aircraft lights of VATSIM traffic often extinguish when in close proximity, say within a few miles, which at night pretty much renders them invisible (quite annoying when lining up and someone is on short final but failed to mention so on Unicom :P). Is this also a known issue? I've heard from others that they noticed it as well. 




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