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Inability to listen to two radios (COM1 and COM2) at the same time on FS2020

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I'm not sure if it's a bug or a misconfiguration on my part.

While the Communicating with Controllers documentation section stated that COM1 and COM2 should be able to work at the same time (listen only, of course), I am able to listen only to the COM channel I set to both listen and transmit (and of course, I can choose to transmit only on one of these). FS2020.

Is there something I'm supposed to do, to configure this ability, and I might have missed? Didn't find anything on the website...


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Make sure that you have your audio control panel on your aircraft set correctly. It's possible that the functionality doesn't work correctly in the MSFS planes, due to the simconnect variables they use, but we would need to further test that to be sure. 

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@Matthew Bartels - Thanks for the reply.

This is how it looks:


126.550 is ATIS, so should always be heard in this setup (including in the upper part of the image), if I understand correctly (If I use the in-game AI ATC, this is what happens).

If you suspect it's a bug, and there is additional information I can provide somehow, I'll be glad to assist 🙂




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