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Greeting Folks

This forum is dedicated from Virtual NATO to all VSO's to post Joint Ops events within vNATO and of course, you all are invited to participate and have fun.
My CoD' will be posting their events for their countries and respective instructions.

Kind Regards

E S Ramos - CMC


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National Day of Romania - Military Representation
Tuesday, December 1, 2020 17:00-20:00 UTC

Dear pilots,
December 1, 1918 was the day when Romania was united, uniting with Bessarabia (today's Republic of Moldova). As every year, on National Day, the authorities organize the parade and the presentation of the military air fleet.
The Romanian Commander of Virtual NATO wants to invite the pilots of Virtual NATO, but also of the other VSOAs to join the aviation show on the occasion of Romania's National Day. What you should do? You have to fly between the two capitals of the two states: Bucharest Otopeni LROP and Chisinau LUKK by any plane, we prefer C130 and C27J.
Come and fly with us for Romania, for the Great Union and for virtual NATO!

Links: Romania VACC, Moldova VACC

National Day of Romania-1.png

Under radar control

ACCRO7 - Teodor Gabriel Petrică
CoD Romania, Virtual NATO

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