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VATeir 24 Hour Event

Alan Cooke

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I flew in the VATeir 24 Hour event and I could not let it pass without a mention on this forum. This small vACC just amazes me. Their staff team are second to none and their organization of community events is superb. It was an absolute pleasure to depart out of Dublin today and such a busy event it was. The controllers produced a truly professional experience from the start to the end. Well done to all for providing a most enjoyable afternoon for me. Events like these really make it an absolute pleasure to be part of this worldwide organization. Massive pat on the back to Cathal and his team, and to top it off a good sum of donations for a very worthwhile cause.

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Alan Cooke VATGOV11

Vice President - Membership
VATSIM Board of Governors

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@Alan Cooke Thanks so much for your post Alan. We had an absolute blast and handled something like 297 departures and 286 arrivals off the top of my head. As people may know, we were raising money for the Irish Community Rapid Response team who struggle for funding every year. The money we raised over the weekend could literally save someone's life... all because of VATSIM. Thank you to everybody on the network who took part in any way! Merry Christmas


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Cathal Boyce
ACCIRL1 | VATéir Director 
VATSIM Network Supervisor
VATEUD Divisional Examiner (I3)

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