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Controller location in v3 data feed

Luke Kolin

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1 hour ago, Torben Andersen said:

We don't enter any geographical positions (lat/lon), when we log on. The data is in the asr/ese files, which the FIR directors (or similar) maintains. 

Unless the protocol has changed significantly on the ATC side all controllers should probably still be submitting up to 4 "visual" center points to VATSIM servers during their session (settable via .vis command in EuroScope). While controllers probably send coordinates for those points as resolved from their FIR's sector files, they are still submitting them. As I understand it, the old data feed always listed the first of those "visual" points as the controller's approximate position.

If I remember previous discussions correctly, those coordinates were originally supposed to be included in the JSON v3 data feed but had to be removed because something exceeded some maximum data length and caused problems as a result... Maybe that situation has resolved by now and the controller's "visual" points could actually be added again?


The problem as noticed by David for THAMES_APP and EGLL_N_APP appears to be that they are probably the same station (judging from assumed location around London and same frequency) but the station appears to be indicated with different call signs, one coming from EuroScope (THAMES_APP, as in the data feed) and one from the AFV-Client (EGLL_N_APP, as in the transceivers list)?

Or maybe David just got lucky and caught the exact moment when two controllers had a shift change (or one took a break)?

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When I write .vis in Euroscope I simply use a suitable airport like .vis EKKA. No messing with lat/lan. So such data are not nessasarily available this way around - unless you then look up the pos of this airport (or waypoint or VOR or ...etc)

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Torben Andersen, VACC-SCA Controller (C1)

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Controllers still have locations; this data is available, but not made public.

When you enter ".vis <airport/navaid>" your controller client translates that into a location using the data files it has available.


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On 6/15/2022 at 12:20 PM, David Black said:

I am joining this late, but I have developed a MSFS panel to show online ATC . I have been using both the vatsim V3 data feed and then looking for controller coordinates in the V3 transceivers feed baed upon a common callsign in both feeds.

It works well most of the time , however sometimes the enroute controller doesn't show up in the transceiver feed - for examaple THAMES_APP this morning was in the main feed but not in the transceivers feed.

If you search by Frequency (132.700) you find EGLL_N_APP  - which has the incorrect location for Thames Radar (and the right information for Heathrow approach)

Why is this happening, are controllers entering the wrong information when they logon? 

Obviously having the lat/lon against a center controller would sort this issue which is becoming more acute due to the sort of DQ issues above








also the amazing resources on the vat-spy data project are of use, I can get Lat Lon if the centre name is in the geoJson feed

But if its not then searching THAMES (stripping out the _APP) returns the right answer in the airspace table

  • EGLC|Thames|51.505256|0.054369|THAMES|EGTT|1
  • EGLC|Thames|51.505256|0.054369|THA|EGTT|1

but also returns

  • NZTH|Thames|-37.172719|175.536175||NZAA|0

ideas welcome




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