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vPilot 2.7.0 Released as Stable

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7 hours ago, Michael Roberge said:

I thought I noticed a person shadowing me in my seat with a ball cap on? And I still had my tower block up in the left corner I could pick tower answers from.

vPilot does not add any physical models aside from planes to represent other VATSIM pilots. 

The menu options you describe are the sim's default AI ATC commands.  You should shut that subsystem off when getting onto VATSIM. 

If you want vPilot to stay visible when not in focus, there's an option for that in vPilot's Settings menu. 




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On 1/31/2021 at 5:40 PM, Ross Carlson said:

Because a lot of users were confused by it, thinking they could not connect if the list was empty. And not a lot of users even used that list anyway. It will still save the last type code and callsign that you used for your last flight.

Not confusing at all. This is a backwards step. Not happy!

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1 minute ago, Ross Carlson said:

Not for you maybe, but I did hear from several users that didn't understand what it was for. Some actually thought they couldn't connect. People don't read documentation any more.

Haha. Thanks for the quick reply, Ross. Couldn't it be an optional item? How do they manage to operate the planes? 

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