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Status name change

Juan Amado

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Hi all,

Is there a way to change the STS (as ST-UP, PUSH, TAXI, DEPA) to other names (as P/B, TAX, DEP)? This is how they are written on the real spanish radar.



My first question was about departure times in ES which is alredy answered in the thread Chriss Klosowski  sent me. Thank you.

However a possible plan that I propossed was the next:

Estimated Off-Block Time (EOBT) -> Target Startup Time

Target Off-Block Time (TOBT) -> Target Startup Time

Calculated Take-Off Time (CTOT) -> Not sure if setting Sector Exit Time

Target Startup Approval Time (TSAT) -> Target Startup Time, but not sure if using the Scratch Pad for setting manually if there are a lot of AC.

Actual Start Up Request Time (ASRT) -> ?

Target Take Off Time (TTOT) -> Departure Estimated Time.

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Juan Amado (S3 VATSPA - 1423499)

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This thread that I started a while back might be of interest: 

Similar to what you are asking in terms of the times. However when it comes to the status tags not entirely sure.

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