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Not all aircraft have lights on

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Was crossing a busy Gatwick zone VFR the other night just after sunset. Most aircraft around had lights, but as I was cleared across the one I was supposed to cross behind had nothing and so I didn't see him. Cancelled the crossing to be safe, waited for the next guy. Didn't see him either and thought I at least was experiencing the known bug. There was a guy at the holdpoint cleared to line up behind however, so I figured I'd just look at him as an indicator on when to start moving across, but as I did I saw a completely dark A320 pass across his nose on the runway, the guy I was looking for. AFAIK I saw every other aircraft relevant to me on this flight, but not these two, both everyday airliners.

I only have Asobo aircraft installed, and use the liveries from Project Mega Pack only for the three airliners. I'm posting mostly as a reference for others noticing such an issue, as I didn't find anyone with the same problem in an extensive search. I figure this comes down to a weird MSFSism, a flaw in the Mega Pack liveries, or simply that the two pilots both accidentally happened to not have any lights turned on (if all lights off actually is relayed correctly over the network?).

If anyone should have any tips or ideas at all, those are all welcome of course.

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