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Planning ahead for retiring VRC

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I've considered adding a plugin system, and that may happen at some point in the future, when the client is well out of the beta testing phase. Giving plugins access to things like the flight plan database would be pretty easy. Providing access to draw on the scope gets a little more tricky, given that the client is multi-mode (ERAM, STARS, ASDEX, Generic) and there can be any number of displays in any of those modes, each one potentially using a different facility definition. The plugin API would have to include some deterministic way for plugins to directly address a specific radar display. It's certainly doable, just needs some thought and creativity. :)

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Yeah, a plugin interface is what has made Euroscope so incredibly useful in a lot of situations and will give it life for a long time. Things like being able to have a plugin to interface with the HOPPIE ACARS network would be my absolute biggest reason to want to move to this new client in a heartbeat. As a pilot flying in Europe, I love being able to get PDCs and use CPDLC in the air, but having to use the 3rd party client now with ERAM and STARS, it's just not doable. Having a plugin for it, like they have in Europe would be amazing.


Karl Mathias Moberg (KM) - C3/I1
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I believe that both PDC and CPDLC will be available once pilot clients, scopes and aircraft are equipped, using GFO or equivalents. There may be less incentive in developing plugins to Hoppie ACARS with such developments on the horizon.😃  

Cheers, Richard

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