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Saving window layout and map features

steve webster

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G'day @Jake Saw,

Thanks a bunch for Vatsys - after years of being away from VATSIM and returning recently to find Vatsys - it's very exciting to use!

For the life of me, I can't find a way to save my extra Window layouts/positions/settings and map features (e.g. fixes, boundaries etcetc). For example, When I run TWR, I have 2 x ground windows open and have them positioned on the screen where I like. Next time I run Vatsys, they're gone and need to be setup again. I'm guessing this is by design?

Side note: I have a bug where Vatsys is freezing on server disconnect. I'm doing some testing to replicate the conditions and steps. When I get it done, I'll reach out. Seem to be related a window's position but I'm not sure what triggers it. 

Thanks again, mate!

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Thanks Steve

For the moment the profile position selection determines which windows open and which maps are displayed, as a common baseline setup that the profile creators can curate. I would like to allow custom user saves on top of that, but it’ll need a bit of work to make the two work together. 

There should be a momentary pause on disconnect as the app waits for all the connections to terminate, but I am aware of a few issues that need fixing there still. 


Developer - vatSys


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