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Microphone stuck

Nikkos Papadopolo

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I have experienced this on two machines, with different setups, with different mics, and even two different VATSIM login apps.

The common symptom to all of these is (1) seeing your AUDIO page in the settings of your VATSIM app full over, as you show, and (2) ATC will report that they are hearing a helicopter like thump, thump, thump when you Tx, and (3) normal mic operation in the Windows mic panel.

It is actually NOT a stuck mic. If it were, then ATC would hear you normally. Instead what they hear is that loud weird static. This is being generated somehow within Windows, interacting with the AFV module common to all the VATSIM apps, those are the only two commonalities.

It may relate to some Win10 update, and if so, there will be increasing number of folks that experience this.

I have tried everything to try to mitigate this without success, including running in Admin, changing to 44.100, removing the ability to take over a mic. I have now tried locking out all the other apps with microphone permission setting, and monitoring what is using the mic. I also uninstalled all the XBox junk that Windows installs.

Kind of desperate, but this essentially shuts down my ability to participate on VATSIM.

@Ross CarlsonI'm wondering if some of the app designers have any insight, although it is not an app issue alone. But, I can clear the issue temporarily by in vPilot selecting a different microphone in the AUDIO screen, applying, and then reselecting my normal microphone and applying.

* Orest

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Orest Skrypuch

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Not sure if the folks having this issue are using USB connected headsets, or analogue ?    May be worth updating, or reinstalling the audio drivers for the motherboard and see if that makes any difference.   Recall reading something a while back about issues with a set of Realtek audio drivers.


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