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ATC deviates from flight plan

Stein Carlsen

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Kirk Christie

The conroller is here to control, and if taking you off the STAR is required for how they plan to operate their airspace, then follow the instructions, if you want to fly, with out controller interven

Robert Shearman Jr

The key point -- SIDs, airways, and STARs are designed to route large levels of traffic efficiently with a minimum of ATC workload.  When traffic levels are reduced, a controller has enough bandwidth

Trevor Hannant

Don't forget: - Logging on when I'm in your sector - Sending me a Contact Me when I get to your sector The number of people who log off when I've sent a contact me... 🙄

Lauri Uusitalo
3 hours ago, Andreas Fuchs said:

With simbrief&co there's no more "programming", you just load your FPL into you FMC, like in the real world.

I know. I am just trying to find a reason why a zig-zag course would be better than a straight line. On ND.

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