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@Sean Harrison I've never used Swift & only know 2 people who do.  Have you gone to any Swift forums?  You could also try Xpilot.  It has the ability to squawk mode C with a button on the pilot client.  Here's the download link to Xpilot.  Read the download instructions & make sure to download the correct version for the sim you're using.  Good luck.    https://beta.xpilot-project.org/#/

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7 hours ago, Sean Harrison said:

I had to disconnect because ATC was not impressed that I wasn't showing Mode C.  My Swift client says MODE C.  I cycled it several times, but ATC stated they could detect it.  So im flying offline.  There must be a way to override it or something.  Any ideas?

Could you please provide some more information? What SIM? What version of swift?

I personally never had this issue and I have been using swift exclusively for the past 3+ years. All with FS9, X-Plane 11 and MSFS.

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