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VATUSA Event Suggesstion

John Speranza 908835

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Fred Clausen



We were concluding a flyin at about that time. Thats why there were 37 planes

Fred Clausen, vZAB ATM

ZAB real life

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Mark Polston 810032



I know, but we also had a flyin around that time in ZTL as well, and your numbers were close to ours. All I'm saying is there were some simlarities there with traffic numbers.

Mark Polston

vZTL ARTCC | VATSIM Supervisor

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Kyprianos Biris
Hey guys...


Ok, i know that it is very hard to plan an event, but I think i've got an idea for a good one, that will DEFINATELY draw traffic for ATC's (who doesn't like a challenege?)


How about we have all the ARTCC's manned in the USA for a certian period of time. We might even possibly get some TRACON and Tower stations manned. This would also include oceanic centers like NY Oceanic, and OAK Oceanic...


I don't expect this to be in the works, like, next weekend, but I think it's a good idea to get publicity for VATSIM and draw LOADS of traffic all around the US, and possibly from overseas. Who knows, maybe we could even give our friends as VATCAN and VATMEX a call?


I cannot see anything bad coming out of this, besides lots of traffic. But, as we have learned from the JAX flyin a few weeks ago, the clients and servers can handle it.



Ideas? Suggesstions? I think this would be very fun for both ATC's, controllers, and the like.


To quote microsoft, lets make it "as real as it gets"


John Speranza




Well here's you chance to try it out






Hellenic vACC | Olympic Air Virtual

Europe Region Director 2001-2011

Pilot: P5 | ATC: C3

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