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Vatsim London Uk Sub-Division

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Can you design website that look better than SERTS Realops Website? - Made by me!


Can you design VATSIM charts that look better than London Gatwick EGKK STARs? - Made by me!


If so then you have something to say. If not I suggest you sit down take a couple of months to get used to VATSIM procedures (PRC doc). Im sorry if I sound a little harsh here, but I am fed up with people who think they 'have what it takes', when they simply dont!


Your comments, help and enthusiasm are most welcome on VATSIM, but dont say stuff unless you can prove it. Can you prove you have made the websites you say you have?


Craig Phillips

Craig Phillips


Senior Student - UK South East - Mentor

Developer: Aircraft Situation Editor (ASE)

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