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The SAG is coming to down under - Australian ATC: Scramble!

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Thanks to all of you!! You did a great job providing ATC all the way!


Looking forward to the next leg that will take us from Auckland to Hawaii (but as usual this will be in some weeks time - so we will keep ya informed and hope to get this great service again! )






Sorry for my disappearance (FRV095) but my FS crashed shortly after I started the descend and the autosave is somewhat unusable in the Level-D...

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I too would like to thank you guys for a terrific job. Unfortunately my FS crashed on me shortly before Sidney, so I´ll have to repeat that leg again sometime before the next one, but it was great fun nevertheless.


Funny thing is, I was at a party the night before and didn´t really get much sleep yet when the alarm clock woke me up (maybe two hours, if even that). How crazy does one have to be in order to without sleep just to be able to fly? Oh, and add to that the fact that I was drunk like there´s no tomorrow. So there I was, at 0530z, with the monitor in front of me still slightly spinning around, a serious lack of sleep, no departure charts and in fact no flightplanning at all yet. I managed to get my FMC programmed at exactly 0600z (faster than I can do it when being sober... ) and actually obtained my clearance almost on time.


It was a really sweet flight with most excellent ATC service, and the 20 minutes in between the position reports over the ocean were just right for sobering up and fixing a bite to eat and all that...

When my FS crashed a couple of hours into the flight I decided to just let it go and went straight to bed, catching up on my sleep and trying to sober up for good. I awoke in the late afternoon and everything was good again.


So yeah, sorry to the controllers who thought I speak a little unclear or fly like a drunk maniac... I´ll try to do better next time, I promise.


Andre Koch

Director VACC-SAG

[email protected]


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