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Update to VATUSA Policy 07/05 - Senior Controller (C3)

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Nick, Thanks for the answer. I think it was "yes" . We'll see how long I can remain on Atlanta Center when I sign on before somebody boots me for not having all the little green boxes in my "Binder" filled in Guess I'm glad I didn't trust the person that stated "Nothing has changed in the rules".


Harold, I apologize for the behavior of all VATSAM members. but it will never end. I've been away for a while and it was like coming back to an old re-run of I love Lucy. The same old players with the same old agenda. It is rather embar[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing and I understand your frustrations. But if you think this forum is bad, you should see the private VATUSA ATM Forum. They even get to call each other names because it doesn't fall under the VATSIM R&Rs!!!


It is a shame that more time is spent in the Forums than on line controlling. Yes, I have the stats to back that up too.


In the words of the Dog Whisperer. Stay calm and submissive, not aggressive behavior. , Shhh, shhh, shhh.


Umm, the "VAT Whispere" Now theres an idea Rehabilitate controllers, and train pilots.




Don't forget former VATUSA1's berating their own staff members in email exchanges. You can't play dumb to all of this


I don't remember anyone calling me or anyone else (except you) a bad name in the ATM forum, but that's enough isn't it? Enjoy your controlling or flying, because after all that's why we are here. Politics and personalities aside.


It's good to have you back Dennis, seriously. I really did enjoy your remarks even when it got sticky around here

Alex Bailey


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Anyway, I am back because I have the right to be back. I wanted to join in just like you guys were doing 6 months ago. However, it seems that the pack loyalty has shifted.


As I was saying before all of the personbal shots, why has it gotten even more complicated for the newcomer and the older members. I can hang in there with most of the controllers. But now, I will have to start at the bottom and work my way back up. Not that recurrent training is a bad thing, but it is a Video Game that I do know a lot about. And this was the point we tried to get across a year ago. It is wayyyy too complicated, thus, causing a loss of membership.


It's taken me reading the above posts several time to try and grasp the structure. If it were that simple, the then the opening thread of this post wouldn't have grown to 5 pages.


I beg to differ with you on the whole "video game" theory... go to the MSN game zone and start feeding off the ATC provided there or via the default flight sim stuff if thats the experience you want.


The idea here is to "simulate" the real world air traffic environment (hence the name, Virtual Air Traffic Simulation)... and Nick Bartolotta summed up the problems quite well in his post in stating "It's only as complicated as you make it" and his few paragraphs after that...


Storming in with an iron fist and forcing facilities to comply without any sort of say certainly wasn't a good way to handle things, was it? I find it hard to believe that you actually thought this was the right way to do things... molding VATUSA into your own personal puppet to create your own playground that only you believed in... screw what anyone else thought right? None of the pee-ons beneath you could possibly know better since you obviously know a lot about this hobby (which I also beg to differ with). And when people, such as myself, actually had the guts to speak out against you, you'd just back us into a corner and attempt to replace us with individuals who supported your ideas... furthering the puppet master's theory.


So, I have question to address. Now that I might control again, can I just plug in at any old (Non Major) facility and control? That's a pretty simple one that there should be a simple answer for.


D.....Troll ??????


Have you given any thought to Chicago Center at all? I'm sure they'd lovingly take you in with open arms... it's not far off from the "sandbox" you were once hoping to create at the moment!


Troll - this nickname doesn't even do justice to you. The political [Mod - lovely stuff] behind the scenes that I was made privy to through you're administration last year made me absolutely sick. It amazes me that someone can actually act in such a demeaning manor to hard-working people who volunteered countless hours of time to this beloved hobby... just reminders of what a cruel and harsh society we can live in.


Am I angry? Why of course... as I stated before I've never met someone I've loathed so much ever... you were, indeed, successful in destroying a lot of my efforts and work (and others as well) - I sure do hope you're proud of that. Thankfully it's made me a stronger person in the end - I no longer have a fear of speaking up to people like you - especially considering I literally have nothing to loose in this virtual world. Thank you for making me realize that at least.


Oh, and for the record, you had the personal shots coming...


Enjoy your stay on VATSIM this time around! And seriously... give some thought to Chicago!



Best Regards,



Andrew James Doubleday | Twitch Stream: Ground_Point_Niner

University of North Dakota | FAA Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative (AT-CTI) GraduateGPN_Horizontal_-_Tertiary.thumb.png.9d7edc4d985ab7ed1dc60b92a5dfa85c.png


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Nick, what would be the purpose of logging on as A C-3 be if you were only performing the duties of a C-1? Isn't the C-3 reserved for "above the call of duty" Instructor etc duties?


Norm, if there isn't a Pilot Training Program, then how is there a Director appointed?


Alex, weren't you fired from Miami for the exact behavior you just displayed in the above post? Personal attacks and flamming?

WWW.VATUSA.NET Previous Management


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