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Piper Memorial Flying Club. Not only for Piper pilots ;)

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Enjoyed it Mike, sorry my internet went out into the flight.

Yeah, we thought so too. Hope to see you next saturday!


And everybody is welcome too! The next saturday event is posted, so keep it on and lets roll! We'll be flying along the eastern Florida coast from Melbourne, FL to Palm Beach, FL.



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I know how everyone feels about someone bringing up an "old" thread........


BUT.... I feel I must encourage other folks to join us on the next flight.


I flew the leg today (my first with the group) from KPGA-KGCN. A great flight through the Grand Canyon and some great airmanship from the 8 pilots (I think that was the number) in attendance.


Tower came online as we got close to KGCN and did a great job handling all our approaches as another pilot did circuits in the Wright Flyer (among other aircraft types). Flying at FL360 is fun, but doing the VFR thing at 6500 in a small group is so much more fun, especially with the Teamspeak server to communicate when not on ATC frequency. I would really encourage everyone to join us next Saturday (location TBA).


I'm the first person for to advocate for 'realism', but I had more fun today than in a long time. After landing, I jumped in a helicopter and headed back North on a search and rescue mission for a downed pilot (he had too much fun buzzing the Colorado River and couldn't climb out.) About 4 other guys joined me in heli's and all of a sudden we had a helicopter group flight (HOW OFTEN DOES THAT HAPPEN on VATSIM???


After locating our missing pilot, we headed back to GCN and several folks continued VFR ops in the area for a good 3 hours afterwards.


Hope to see you next week!


Check out the site at http://www.piperclub.net for more info

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Indeed! Unfortunately we were waiting for some late pilots and later on recovering a crashed buddy.


Sorry again for confusing Teamspeak with the tower freq. and almost buzzing your control zone. Apparently that U-turn on the border made some more confusion.


Don't forget to check the sceenshots Mike and I posted in the screenshot forum.



Join us in #vatsim @ irc.quakenet.org - the IRC chat for every VATsimmer.

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It looks like an IFR departure, maybe cancel enroute. Kenosa is forecast to be windy as heck, modified VFR.


Rather than the suggested IFR route:




I'm planning on filing:


V216 PETTY V7 TALOR, 8000


For two reasons: First, a /U or /A aircraft can't navigate direct BULLY. Second, it's tidier if the route ends in a feeder or IAF for an instrument approach.

ZLA Pilot Certs make your eyes bright, your teeth white, and childbirth a pleasure. Get yours today!
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