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Incorrect report alt in Easy VATSIM mode

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Sorry for delay, I will just post my solution I found:

In Fact, the two Simulation Modes under "Display" and "General Settings" must be the same, but the manual configuration using ES didn't work, so I changed the ASR and TXT file myself. Make sure that the Items




have the same value. As I said it doesn't work sometimes when changing it in Euroscope, so just give it a try manually




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I checked for what Raphael suggested and can confirm: I am using "Easy" in .asr and General settings.


here is a picture that shows the leader lines on the ground:



Please notice, only landed aircraft are showing incorrect (EMPIRE1 + GEW1441):

* leader lines

* Altitude (600ft instead of 400ft)

* Vertical Speed

* Vertical Speed indicator

* Two letter ground speed


This is reproducable on all inbound aircraft. I have to check if this might have to do with my ground Monitor being a secondary instance of EuroScope - will try that on the primary as well.


PS: Did I already say I LOVE the colors in the tag and in the lists?

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I can reproduce in Replay: Logfiles (move forward 6 min to see one approaching plane taxiing to the gate) (one for prim and sec instance included - works in both)


Interesting: the leader line on the ground appears if the aircraft reaches 0 kts groundspeed *exactly* (at the gate, not earlier).

The wrong altitude, groundspeed and vertical speed indications appear from touchdown on.


EDIT: I found an important step to reproduce!!! If I deselect "Simulate radar holes and coverage", it shows correct indications

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